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Our personal training located in Muscatine is so personal, we go shopping with you to figure out the right foods for you! In ordinary programs they emphasize on only ONE thing. With RMT we focus on 3 key factors. Diet, Motivation, and Rapid Excesise.

RMT 1000!

Introducing our 1st annual RMT 1000! This is our event that will show off your skills and be judged by our judges. Mark your calendars for November 11th, 2017.

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Rapid. Movement. Transformation

I know exactly why people aren’t successful because they want results so fast and don’t realize is taking them years to get where they are how do you expect to completely transform yourself in a month that took you years to destroy your body fitness about being patient about learning to mentally stabilize yourself.

1. Spot reduction does not work! This is the most common of all myths. It is the believe that by targeting specific muscle groups with isolated exercises you will reduce fat in that area. Many people do thousands of sit-up and crunches, hoping that this alone will work. The truth, however, is that you have to boost your metabolism by eating properly and doing compound exercises that will burn much more calories than just isolated exercises. Exercising the whole body and implementing abdominal exercises brings the best results, as those mainly build muscle in that area, making your abs protrude, thus shaping your “six pack”.
2. Excessive cardio/running does not burn more fat! This sounds very counter-intuitive, as most people think that jogging is the best way to reduce that wobbly jelly on your belly. In fact, the more you run, the better the body adapts to this type of physical exertion and uses less and less energy as time passes.
3. It doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you have a low-caloric intake – this concerns people who tend to starve all day and only eat some waffles and half a chocolate, thinking that they are on a “diet”. This actually slows your metabolism and puts your body in starvation mode causing it to store more fat as a defensive measure against the stress it is put under.
4. There is no such thing as “one” ultimate abdominal exercise. The same principle as running applies here. If you do only one exercise your muscles will adapt to that stress and cease to develop. If you want to achieve proper muscle hypertrophy you have to mix different exercises in order to hit the muscles in new ways, thus making them stronger.

One on One

Working with RMT will keep you accountable. Even if you only meet once a week for personal training, you are motivated to work out on the days in between. Being held accountable for anything is one of the best ways to see results. How hard you work out is up to you, but that session with your trainer will be hard core, so you will want to push yourself on the other days to prepare.

The knowledge you can get from personal training is one of the best perks. You will learn how to work out, what moves and exercises will target the areas you want to deal with, the best ways for your body to lose weight, and even diet tips that can improve your overall health. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just stay in shape, personal training can give you the knowledge you need to do it. So, obviously, all the knowledge is beneficial to you, but you have to decide if you’re going to use it.