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Here’s What Our Customers Say About RMT

We love what we do and we love to hear back from our customers. These are just some of the awesome testimonials we’ve received over the past few years. If you want to submit a testimonial, please contact us to do so!

If you are willing to work extremely hard, give 110%, realize that fitness does not end the minute you leave the gym and completely overhaul the way you used to think about working out and nutrition, then this is the place you for you.

RMT will turn everything you THINK you know on its head as he runs you through your training. Training with RMT isn’t just exercising because they insist you exercise a muscle you normally wouldn’t associate with “working out” and that’s your BRAIN. If you think I’m kidding, let me reassure you that I am not. While you are huffing and puffing and your face is turning an alarming shade of red, they WILL be asking you about any number of the “homework” he has assigned to you when he agreed to take you on as a client. If you think he doesn’t remember what you have and have not read, let me tell you that Rene has the memory of an elephant. He. Will. Remember.

And then he’ll ask you the next time he sees you.That’s right. RMT determines if YOU are worthy as a client. RMT’s approach to training is wildly different from any other method I’ve ever come across. They care about you and how you’re doing. I

They will email you. They will text you. They will check in on you routinely to see how you’re progressing and will alter his plan accordingly. RMT trains you the way elite professional athletes train and therein lies the difference between his method and all the other trainers out there.

Allison Weaver-Gibson

I waited til the last minute to train for a pt test, and in three weeks I dropped 3 minutes on my 2 mile run. I did a lot more push-ups and sit-ups than usual and I lost a total of 15lbs.

Rene Ronaldo Rada

I had 3 weeks to work with RMT and I would do it over again in a heartbeat. I went from not running in 10 years and not thinking I would be able to finish my PT test for a job to 3 weeks later, I ran the whole distance and came in a minute under time!

Angela Machelle

RMT provides an excellent workout and environment for those looking for a variety of exercises/routines! Great strength, core and cardio training all mixed together. Keeping it challenging and fun each time I attend.

Rachel Madlock

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